Presenting ‘Publish or Perish? Developing a Publication Strategy during the PhD’ at the Society of Postcolonial French Studies Postgraduate Workshop (4 May 2018), University of California, Los Angeles. Photo: A. de Saussure.

Recent and upcoming talks (2019-21)

Organised seminars and panels

 • [Upcoming] Co-organiser of ‘Belgium and (de)colonial education’ panel for the MLA International Symposium, with Dr Catherine Gilbert (Newcastle) and Dr Rob Burroughs (Leeds Beckett), 17–19 June 2021, University of Glasgow.      

 • [Upcoming] Co-organiser of ‘Prison Breaks: The Ruptures, Continuities, and Genealogies of Haitian Confinement Literature’ panel at the ‘Caribbean Generations: Ruptures, Traditions, Returns’ conference, with Ryan Augustyniak (Florida State) and Prof. Charles Forsdick (Liverpool), 14–15 June 2021, Queen’s University Belfast.      

• Organiser of ‘New Directions in Science and Speculative Fiction’ webinar, with Dr Emily Finer (St Andrews), Dr Glyn Morgan (Science Museum London), and Dr Annie Webster (Cambridge/King's College London), 11 February 2021, University of St Andrews.

Invited talks (research)

• [Upcoming] 'Colonial Continuities: Representing Animals and Empire at the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Belgium', summer 2021, Science Museum London.

• [Upcoming] 'The Problem with French and the World: Decolonisation and the Francosphere', date tba, University of Westminster, London.

• ‘Putting “agriculture” back into “culture”: science, contact zones, and postcolonial resonances in Belgium’, ‘Central Africa and Belgium: Empire and Postcolonial Resonances’ workshop, University of Warwick, 17–18 September 2020.

• ‘A (Very) Long Nineteenth Century: Historiography, Sciences, and the Belgian Colonial Project, c19c Lunchtime Talk, University of St Andrews, 11 November 2020.

• ‘“Guided by Science?” Agriculture, Botany, and Control in the Belgian Congo’, Modern French History Seminar, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, 16 November 2020.

• ‘The “Mbembe Affair”: Some thoughts on race, history, and (critical) theory in Germany’, German Research Away Day, University of St Andrews, 20 November 2020.

• ‘From Mobutu to Molenbeek: Writing Postcolonial Brussels’, 2020 ‘Race, Migration and Decolonization’ Research Seminar Series, Centre for Modern European Literature, University of Kent, 26 November 2020.

• ‘How (not) to decolonize a Museum? The case of Belgium’s Musée royal de l’Afrique centrale’, guest lecture for Dr Elizabeth Leet’s ‘National Monuments in Changing Times’ module, 9 October 2019, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, United States.

• ‘Imagining Brussels: Memory, Diaspora, and Representation’, Modern Languages Research Seminar Series, 9 October 2019, University of Nottingham.

• ‘Moving Memories: Representation and Postcolonial Brussels’, keynote address at the Cultural Identity Studies Institute Postgraduate Symposium, 6 September 2019, University of St Andrews.

• ‘Limits of Existence: Sex, Work, and Identification(s) in Leïla Slimani’s Dans le jardin de l’ogre (2014)’, French Week, 10 May 2019, Institute for Modern Language Research, London.

Invited talks (postgraduate career development)

• Student talk in response to: ‘How might Modern Languages teaching and research contribute to racial justice in education and beyond?’, with Dr Siham Bouamer (Sam Houston State University), University of Kent, 26 November 2020.

• Presentation and Q&A: ‘Applying for Post-Doctoral Funding’, Online session for St Andrews Postgraduate Research students, 10 November 2020.

• Presentation, panel discussion and Q&A: ‘De-mystifying the Post-doc Process’, British Society of Middle Eastern Studies, 5 November 2020.

• Society of Postcolonial French Studies Postgraduate Workshop: ‘Publish or Perish? Developing a Publication Strategy during the PhD’, 3-4 May 2018, UCLA, Los Angeles, United States.

• Organiser of ECR workshops at the annual conference of the Society of Francophone Postcolonial Studies (covering themes such as funding applications and ‘navigating the REF’).

Conference and other seminar papers

• [Upcoming] ‘Hostile Environment(s): Natural Sciences, Institutions, and Education in Imperial Belgium and the Belgian Congo’, conference paper as part of the above-mentioned panel for the MLA International Symposium , 19 June 2021, University of Glasgow.

• [Upcoming] ‘Re-thinking Pan-Africanism through the Belgian Prison in Patrick François’ La dernière larme du lac Kivu’, conference paper as part of the above-mentioned panel, 14–15 June 2021, Queen’s University Belfast.

• [Upcoming] ‘Cats, Capitalism, and Colonialism: Re-visiting Pseudo Sciences in Emile Zola’s Thérèse Raquin (1868)’, as part of the ‘Orientalism and Pseudo Science’ panel for the Dix-Neuf à distance virtual seminar series, 11 March 2021.